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travel experience.

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ownership points.

Have your maintenance fees paid and still vacation

“I had worked with Joyce when she was a sales rep in Hawaii, so when she contacted me about renting out my properties through Resort Stay, I knew I could trust her. This was about four years ago. It has been a very worthwhile arrangement. Resort Stay rents out my unused points, reimburses me promptly and provides a 1099 at year end for my tax filing. In addition, she monitors my own reservations, following up when it is time to upgrade, thereby helping me make the most of my points. I plan to continue this arrangement for a long time.” — Suzanne W.

Your points can work for you, not the other way around.

How does it work?

Our expertise is booking your trips for the fewest points possible, freeing up the excess points we lease from you for cash.


We help determine how many points you’ll need for your vacations


Sign a Leasing Agreement for your excess points



Receive Payment

Resort Stay can help reduce or even eliminate your maintenance fees by offering rentals to our customers on your behalf. There’s no reason to let your points or properties go unused when we can help offset your costs.

“I have used Joyce for several years to do all my bookings, including outside of Kauai. I can not say enough about the service. Everything was handled promptly and all my requests were booked as requested. I would highly recommend your services to anyone and have done so with newcomers to Princeville the past 3 years. You may reference me as a dedicated and loyal user and use my full name.” — Walt McConnell



You’ll still maintain the flexibility to take vacations wherever and whenever you want, while allowing our expertise to maximize your account and pay your ownership fees.

Will you be using less of your ownership this year and don’t want to see it go to waste?

If you are a Wyndham Platinum or Presidential Reserve Owner and would like to speak with us about our leasing program, please contact us below.

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